LMS Administration

Automate training and HR administration tasks with GyrusAim Learning Management System that delivers LMS Administration to businesses with key integrations.

Solution for LMS Administration

A learning management system becomes the imperative aspect of any educational business and the company's digital toolkit. GyrusAim learning management system makes it easy to keep track of several organizational activities from one central control panel. All course interaction and notifications can be performed within our LMS with no need for cut, copy, and paste the data.

How Can We Help?

Train your students, business partners, customers, or employees using super-efficient GyrusAim learning management system. Messaging boards and social learning capabilities let participants teach each other for better understanding. It will also reduce pressure from trainers. Our efficient and operational LMS can be used in a wide variety of organizational activities. It includes administration, documentation, training programs set up, reporting, and more.

Following are the main features that maximize LMS to its full potential -

  • Video conferencing for one-on-one interaction
  • User-friendly and intuitive UI
  • Integration with external tools for effortless management
  • Create personalized learning paths
  • Q&A sessions and recorded training sessions
  • Customizable reporting system
How Can We Help?
Why Will You Love Our GyrusAim Learning Management System?

Why Will You Love Our GyrusAim Learning Management System?

Leverage the complete potential of our LMS to improve the overall competitiveness of your company. The perfect integration of learning management and training monetization tools bring a learning initiative to a productive outcome. Learning modules are available for various roles and systems with customized learning resources using several types of media for increased engagement and learning retention.

  • Course creation module
  • Easy file conversion
  • Skills development and certifications tracking
  • Collaborative learning tools
  • Mobile-ready learning for all types of device
  • Data migration
  • Reporting capability to analyze training effectiveness
  • Supports gamification

Why Choose GyrusAim?

Want to improve training effectiveness for your organization? Are you failing to meet the expectations and purpose of your training program? Say bye to all these hassles and tensions using GyrusAim learning management system that makes life easier by centralizing data and using online learning resources on a large extent. You can reach us for the following reasons -

  • Multilingual GUI (Graphic User Interface)
  • Highly adjustable LMS
  • Cost efficiency
  • Free 24/7 support via phone and email
  • The comprehensive enterprise-grade feature set
  • The comprehensive enterprise-grade feature set
Why Choose GyrusAim?

So, if you are in a need of LMS administration that suits your training needs and budget, then reach us today. Tell us the goals of your training program, form of your training, type of organization you represent, and all your customized needs to get the most relevant LMS solutions.