Online Learning Platform System

Switch to an interactive Online Training System that is a tech-savvy Online Learning Platform for employee and customer training with exams & quizzes.

Solution for Online Training System

The increasing growth of online learning boils down to the need of choosing the best online learning platform. This industry is expected to grow at 5% CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) from 2017 to 2022 with a huge $243 billion. Gyrus brings all your training needs together in an online training system, easy to use for both trainer and trainees.

How Can We Help?

Specialized in delivering custom online training, our online training systems are designed for every user, small or large. You can give online courses via your own online learning platform with no costly server overhead. Fast conversion of offline course material into interactive content allows anyone and everyone to create any sort of course content.

Our training system is equipped with the following key features -

  • Content creation tools, like PPT, PDF, etc.
  • Tools for examining user behavior
  • Course authoring tool & capabilities
  • Gamification elements
  • Handy automation tools
  • Ease to track progress & create custom reports
How Can We Help?
Why Will You Love Our Online Learning Platform?

Why Will You Love Our Online Learning Platform?

As a web-based system, our learning platform brings all the benefits of online training at a single destination. It facilitates you to create different types of online courses considering your learners. Our feature-loaded learning platform offers better value for money by organizing cost-effective customer training, employee training, channel training, and others.

  • Up-to-date and easy to use designs
  • Mobile-responsive training system
  • Cloud hosting for reduced cost
  • Supports all sorts of interactive content
  • Timely online assessment & quizzes
  • Advanced management system

Why Choose GyrusAim?

Do you have something useful and informative to share with your business staff, customer, or other audience? It's the right decision to create online courses using web-based systems and target learners. With us, you can successfully meet all your L&D (Learning and Development) needs with the following benefits -

  • Fully customizable
  • Helps reach the targeted audience
  • 24/7 support
  • Affordable & extremely flexible
  • Intuitive user interface
  • 100% security
  • Large client base
  • Flexible course templates
  • Technical support from experts
  • Better learner performance
Why Choose GyrusAim?

Do you want an online training system to conduct easy to run learning sessions for your staff and grow your business? Discuss your individual needs with us and get an advanced platform that will never let you down.

How Online LMS Platforms are transforming Corporate Training?

Training is a perpetual process for the corporate. The hyper-competitive world demands training techniques to take more productive steps to educate the workforce. There is no end to the corporate training as it just glorifies according to time to match up with the industry standards. Online LMS Platforms is one of the most approachable training techniques where the work and the training can happen simultaneously.

Online LMS Platforms intelligently caters to the need of corporate where the time and work efficiency is preferred over anything else. Every organization wants to work with those who are well equipped to handle the pressures of the industry. The main reason behind these training platforms is the high-profit margins for corporate and employee productivity.

Is investing in Online LMS Platforms worth it?

Every organization is now approaching smart learning techniques which can make their workforce agile to the dynamic environment. Gyrus believes that the Online LMS Platform is the most effective method to upskill the workforce according to the industry standards. It does have the ability to transform the corporate careers where you will be trained proactively.

The Online LMS Platform gives a competitive edge where you will never be short of the learning opportunities in an organization. It serves as one of the best solutions where the training platforms will not hamper your work commitments!

Gyrus Online LMS Platform does have the power to change your Corporate Career!

The thinking of making big is accomplished only when you are learning constantly. Your corporate career takes the first seat only when constant efforts are put into action. Gyrus Online LMS Platform makes sure you are learning in the most efficient way possible. It keeps you updated on the specific skills which are demanded in the industry. These platforms work as an antidote for the corporates as well. Let's understand how these platforms are transforming Corporate training.

  • Save corporate money as Online LMS Platforms don't include travel, accommodation, instructor costs, or expensive training conferences.
  • The form of learning experience has no fixed setup now as there is no need to have a proper training classroom.
  • Hone those skills which are hot in the industry. The best part is you can learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever it's convenient.
  • It allows us to train you from different locations at no extra cost.
  • Reduces the senior employee's workload by cutting down the cost of face-to-face mentoring.
  • Keep track of your performance if you have completed a course and also learn how well you performed.
  • Reduce the employee turnover as no employee leaves the place which is offering them learning alternatives.

If these aspects of Online LMS platforms are taken into consideration, then it's quite evident that Return on Investment (ROI) is much higher as compared to traditional learning mechanisms. Gyrus learning platforms have just taken the smart route to train you in the most economical way keeping your professional growth in mind. You can now learn smartly without hampering the work commitments that create a win-win situation for you!