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10+ Integrations to bring your learning activities together

An all-in-one platform


Develop courses with ease

You can add all types of media to your course, like videos, presentations, and documents. Upload SCORM, xAPI, or cmi5 files for even more interactivity. Build courses from scratch, or reuse content you've already created.

Conduct online seminars

Conduct online seminars in an LMS to deliver educational content to a remote audience. Use audio, video, and text formats to engage learners and facilitate knowledge transfer.

Create assessments to evaluate progress

Create assessments to measure learners' understanding of course material, track their progress, and evaluate their mastery of the subject.

Adaptive and Easy


Adaptive and Easy
Keep learners focused

Keep learners engaged by providing challenges, gamification, feedback, and rewards. Use multimedia, interactivity, and personalization to spark interest. Incorporate learning activities and assessments to measure progress. Monitor and adjust the difficulty level as needed.

Streamline processes

Gyrus LMS can help reduce manual work and improve efficiency, by automating and optimizing workflow and reporting processes. Import users in bulk, invite them to self-register, and sync accounts from other systems. Sort users into groups to instantly auto-assign courses to them.

Set up user groups and assign permission

Roles and permissions can be customized for different users so that they have roles designed specially for them.


Bring your vision to life

Add your logo and brand colors, and point your GyrusLMS account to your company domain. Leverage the platform to create engaging experiences and maximize learning outcomes.

Localize for everyone

Make learners feel at home, anywhere on earth. Set the platform to match each user's language and time zone, with support for over 16 languages.

Create Custom Screens

Leverage GyrusLMS to customize the user experience, such as with custom welcome pages, course navigation, and login screens.

Adaptive and Easy


Adaptive and Easy
Interact and engage

Interact and engage by participating in discussions, submitting assignments, taking quizzes, and accessing resources. Easily host video conferences, leave feedback, start discussions, send messages, and more.

Streamline delivery on any device

Streamline delivery on any device. Gyrus LMS provides users with the ability to access course content anywhere, anytime, and on any device, ensuring no interruption to learning.

Learner Experience

Design personalized and meaningful journeys customized to build learner skills, career paths and aspirations - anywhere, anytime, and on any device.


Reach everyone with a single account

Create unlimited sub accounts and manage them all from one place. Sub Accounts can be customized for different teams, departments, or audiences.

Automate tasks

Put administrative tasks on autopilot. Create automatic emails, assign and remove courses, set expiration dates, arrange course sequencing, and deactivate inactive users.

Analyze with in-depth reports

Real-time, scheduled, and custom reports, dynamic dashboards, training infographics, and exportable Excel sheets help you track training from every angle.

Adaptive and Easy

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Develop a social culture

Social learning cultures are those where people are constantly learning from one another. In these cultures, people are open to new ideas and are constantly looking for ways to improve. There are a few things you can do to develop a social learning culture in your organization. First, make sure that people are encouraged to share. With features such as activity feeds and playlists, Gyrus has a number of ways for you to promote sharing.