Upgrade to GyrusAim Learning Cloud

“this system has oomph behind it.” – The Craig Weiss Group, Feb 2019.

Its an important change

Research from the Brandon Hill Group showed 48% of the organizations were exploring new solutions as satisfaction with current learning technology is low – driven by user experience and administrative experience.

Learning technology has a strong correlation to improved KPIs, such as revenue, productivity, engagement, costs and turnover.

When you see limiting signs – hard to use, not scalable, no reporting or analytics, unhelpful customer support, too many bells and whistles but not enough essentials - maybe its time to re-evaluate your current system and plan a migration and transition, which can impact all stakeholders as the adjustment and change can be significant.

Shape Learning Management System for important change
Shape Learning Management System for We are committed to your success

We are committed to your success

A good systems needs to be intuitive and customizable. It should make life easy for you and your learners. No need to compromise on your learning strategy.

We partner with you to thoughtfully analyze your unique needs and identify how Gyrus can make the greatest impact.

We will work with you every step of the way -
  • Project Planning
  • GyrusAim Learning Cloud configuration
  • Course and curriculum structures
  • Data migration for learning content and learner data
  • Integration with existing tools and systems
  • Customization

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